Clashing decor dreams?

I have a problem, folks.

I have been scouring online decor companies and wedding sites for inspiration…and everything that inspires me is black, white, charcoal, silver, with a pop of colour. It doesn’t sound exciting, but the combination results in a chic, sophisticated, clean, and elegant feel.

So, what’s the problem you ask? Well, one, my mother will not stand for black decor (I can just picture her pained expression: “Blaaack? Black is not good for the wedding!”) And, two,  my preferred cool colour palette does not compliment the warm colour palette of our reception venue.  As a reminder, this is what our venue looks like:

Everything I like, looks like this:

My decor inspirations. (All images from

The two don’t necessarily go, do they?

I guess that’s where the decorator comes in–he or she takes your vision and adapts it to your venue and your budget. Compromise might also play a role here…buuuuut [insert whiny voice here] I don’t wanna compromise on decor!!!! *pout with arms crossed*

We are meeting with The Perfect Setting tomorrow (our appointment was rescheduled). Wish us luck that The Perfect Setting can meld our vision with our venue and we don’t end up with drastically and tastelessly clashing decor !!




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