My Wedding Alter Ego

Perhaps it’s because growing up, seeing the white dresses on the pretty white ladies on TV seemed so far removed from my reality, but for some reason, I have always considered Indian weddings and North American weddings as two entirely separate entities.  I’ve always thought you can either have an Indian wedding or a “white” wedding–the two styles can’t be melded together coherently.  It’s a strange thought in our multicultural era, I know.

Through this wedding planning process, I’ve realized I have two wedding brains: one that plans the Indian wedding, and one that plans the “alternative” (i.e., “North American”) wedding. My alternative brain is inspired by the countless North American images she sees and starts automatically creating a fantasy wedding. My alternative wedding brain is galvanized by vintage Hollywood glam and modern day minimalism, and she was knocked off her feet when she came across this wedding on (an awesome site that profiles vintage-inspired and quirky weddings). The details are impeccable: the red roses, the red lips, the mink stole (I actually almost bought one for fun last year), the birdcage veil, the charcoal/silvery grey colours, the vintage feel, the urban photography, the minimalism, the elegance, and the understated glamour. The one thing my alternative wedding brain would change, however, would be the dress. Something shorter with a dramatic neckline would be preferred. Regardless, this wedding is breathtakingly beautiful. Enjoy!

All pictures by Lindsey Thorne and courtesy of Click on the pics to enlarge them!

How incredibly gorgeous is the couple??




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