Cakes, and decor, and hair accessories–oh my!

Pretty paper rose bouquet by the creative souls at The Paper Place

The Wedding Show Gods heard my prayer!! The Spring Wedding Show at The Drake was awesome!

It was small, intimate, and inspiring. The set up enabled in-depth conversations and opportunities for brainstorming with the vendors. Not vendors, sorry, artists: wonderful people with great skill and passion for their work. They all communicated a desire to include the bride and groom in the creative process and design a product that represents J and me, but also compliments the their style. Though the show was far smaller than the ‘mainstream’ shows, J and I walked away with way more ideas. We loved this show.

I took a tonne of pics at the show and I’ll post my faves. Sorry for the poor quality: the lighting was crap in the venue and I’ve got a simple point and shoot.

The Ever Thine booth is the first one I approached–not surprising given my obsession with hair accessories. Mikki Rizvi is the designer and we had a long talk about customization. She uses vintage material, broaches, and buttons to create her pieces. In fact, she often uses her mom’s old saris as part of her design!! I am planning on wearing a hair accessory to the reception, and so having a piece that has an Indian design element to it would be a wonderful way to tie it into my reception outfit. Check out Ever Thine’s etsy page:

Hair accessories by Mikki Rizvi from Ever Thine

Close up of pretty pink hair piece

I later had a long conversation with David Dunkley from KCs Hats. David is definitely a boisterous character and I highly doubt “shy” is in his vocabulary. He actually trained with the Queen Mother’s previous hatmaker in England!!

Awesome hat and hair piece by David Dunkley from KCs Hats

More hair accessories by David Dunkley

Cakes were next on our list. J and I haven’t decided if we want a cake because we think they are a waste of money. $500 seems to be the starting point for cakes, and seriously, I’d rather put that $500 towards the purchase of Jimmy Choos or Louboutins! And, more importantly, I can’t even eat regular cake! I’ve got a wheat and dairy allergy! But…maybe the Wedding Show Gods want us to have a cake….we were really impressed with the cake artists at the show. We even tried vegan, gluten-free cupcakes that tasted HEAVENLY!! Heavenly!

Beautiful custom cake by Konstandin from Cakes by Konstandin

Rosebud Cake by Konstandin from Cakes by Konstandin

This stand had vegan, gluten-free cupcakes!! Heaven!! (By LPK's Culinary Groove)

Yummy cupckae by LPK's Culinary Groove (that's an edible flower on top)

There were not too many decor displays, but I loved this table setting. It has all the elements we like: rectangular table, clean lines, low centrepieces, dramatic flowers, and mood lighting:

Table setting by Elizabeth Johnson from

Another decor element we’ve been thinking about is having a unique centrepiece. J’s proposal included a box he made for me many years ago (one day soon, I’ll post the story), and we’d love to incorporate a box of some sort into the wedding. Liloo at Home imports pretty paper boxes from India–an excellent way to incorporate the Indian element into our decor!! Here are some pics of their boxes:

This could double as a place card and a box to hold our wedding favour for guests!

For invitations, J and I have considered designing our own. Actually, J is the designer in this relationship and I am more of the editor. We met a couple invitation artists we really like, but man, can the cost of invitations add up!!

Invitation Display by Smudge Ink Designs, a mother-daughter design team

Invitation display by Palettera. The Paleterra girls are super sweet and incredibly creative.

It's a bad pic, but these are examples of make-your-own invitation packages from The Paper Place. They have some Nepalese papers that are gorgeous!

J and I fell in suit-design love with the guys from Sprezzatura–we will be visiting you soon! They custom design suits for men, and J and I were impressed. The materials they use are smooth like butter and they gave us plenty of ideas for personalization–even having our monogram on the underside of J’s suit collar. How awesome would that be? Their costs are also reasonable!! You can get a suit designed specifically for you in excellent material for less than an Amarni or Versace suit. I choose good quality customization over a designer suit from Holt Renfrew or Harry Rosen any day. And, to be honest, their slogan won us over:

“It’s OK to rent for prom, not your wedding.”

Also, a reporter from CBC News Radio interviewed J and me, asking us to reflect on the wedding show. She also asked us to share an interesting story from the planning process, and then J proceeded to share our engagement story. The reporter loved it. If we make it to the air (and how couldn’t we with our awesome story), we’ll be on either this Sunday between 9 &12 or next Sunday!




5 thoughts on “Cakes, and decor, and hair accessories–oh my!

  1. I remember meeting you at the Spring Wedding Show! I happened to stumble here trying to find another post about us so I ended up on google and here I am! It was nice to meet you and I wish I could show you the invitation with multiple inserts I was talking about at the show —- they just picked up all 600 invitations a couple of weeks ago! It was nuts, but completely worth it because they looked stunning! All the best to you for your wedding planning 😉

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