Are you there Wedding Show Gods? It’s me, LBB.

(Quick update: we met with Wedding Decor on Tuesday evening. The Perfect Setting cancelled due to illness, and we rescheduled for this upcoming Tuesday. I will give a detailed account following our meeting with The Perfect Setting, but for now I will tell you that our meeting with Wedding Decor was a bust.)

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Dear Wedding Show Gods,

Are you there? It’s me. LBB. You are probably familiar with me and my fiance. J and I have been to two wedding shows so far. We went to a “Canadian” one in January at the Direct Energy Centre and to Suhaag in February. I wasn’t overly thrilled with either. The “Canadian” one was nice, but I didn’t walk away with much that was relevant to me. The Suhaag show was good (I met my design soul mate, and I won a prize for having the best engagement story–will post deets about the story one day soon), but the cacophony of sounds, colours, people, and general overstimulation was draining. The energy inputted did not equal the energy outputted.

Tomorrow (May 1, 2010) we are going to the Drake Hotel for The Spring Wedding Show, held in conjuction with The Wedding Co. I am super excited for this show because: 1) it’s at The Drake, so that means small and intimate and not gargantuan and overwhelming; 2)it’s at The Drake, so that means West Queen West and that means unique and creative…so hopefully that means lots of INSPIRATION (I am taking my camera); 3) West Queen West means West Queen West artisans; 4) West Queen West artisans means  a booth (or two or three!!) devoted to hair accessories, and that means I will be in hair accessory heaven!

As you can tell, ye Almighty Wedding Show Gods, I am looking forward to the show tomorrow. It’s going to rain and since I forgot to pick up my discounted May metropass from work, I’ll be walking to The Drake in the rain. I am sacrificing a good hair day and a stylish shoe day to make it to this auspicious event. I am asking you to promise me an eventful, idea-filled, and inspiring day.  Please, Wedding Show Gods, don’t disappoint me. You know me well. I’m LBB: cute, funny, witty, unforgettable, and totally awesome!




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