Help with Decor!!

J, Riccha, and I are meeting with two decorators tomorrow evening! I am so excited!! Decor is high up on the list of importance (next to J and I looking hot), and I am really looking forward to the meetings.

I had originally fallen in design love with Paras Mehta from Design2Decor at the Suhaag Wedding Show in February. It was like we were a match made in wedding decor heaven. I told him a little of what I (I mean…*we*) wanted, and with a flourish of his hands, a point with his fingers, and several beautiful descriptive words later, he created the image for our wedding–what I  had pictured in my mind’s eye! I almost felt like he peered inside my brain and was able to extract that very image from all that neurochemical activity…

Ok. I’m being a bit hyperbolic here but, it was pretty awesome.

Alas, my design love was short lived. Just as I courted Phototerra like a foolish school girl, I let Paras play with my design dreams. Riccha quickly-and bluntly-let me know Paras was out of our budget.

So, the obedient Indian girl inside me (she’s there somewhere, I swear) didn’t put up a fight. I decided that wedding planner knows best, and so we are meeting with two decorators that Riccha suggested.

I haven’t met either of the decorators. I’ve only previewed their websites:

The Perfect Setting

Wedding Decor

Regarding decor, we had a pretty clear vision in the start. Now, though, I’m not so sure what I want, which is why I haven’t posted anything about decor. Originally, we were aiming for art deco-inspired with a vintage Bollywood twist: clean lines, interesting geometric shapes, and bold colours popping from a neutral palette, with Indian accents throughout. Our venue, however, is nowhere near art deco. It’s quite grand and quite Victorian. It’s a beautiful venue and very dramatic…although the drama is me,  the style necessarily isn’t.

I guess, then, the task for our decorators is to meld our aesthetic within our venue’s and to have them compliment each other rather than compete.

All I know is that I want our place to look amazing. Sparkle and mood lighting are musts.

I’ll let you know how it goes!

Wish us luck!




4 thoughts on “Help with Decor!!

  1. Hi There I can across your blog today and I am an event designer who provides exqusite decor I have won the event industrys top awards last year for booth design would love to give you a vision for your wedding if you have not finalised a decorator
    Thanks Nisha

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