Welcome to my littlebrownbride world!

Hey everyone!!

I’m excited to welcome you to my blog!  I’ll be blogging about my navigation through the awesome, but often nerve-wracking, wedding planning process.

I guess blogging about one’s own wedding can seem a bit… narcissistic, but there are reasons other than glory and fame that motivate me–for instance:

1. I have a million ideas running simultaneously through my head, and I need to *put* them somewhere. I’m not a scrapbooker–I tried. I even went to Curry’s, bought a scrapbook, and cut out inspiring pictures from wedding mags…pictures which are currently lying in an unispiring heap on my night table.

2. People routinely ask me about my planning. I’m awful at returning emails and phone calls. And sometimes, talking about wedding planning causes me anxiety–so I just try to avoid it. I figure a blog would help me  a) communicate; b) save me–and you– time!; c) make me deal with my anxiety!

3. I have had a hard time finding information about Indian wedding planning and resources in Ontario online. A lot of the information is from the States, which frankly, does not help me much. I thought I could try to start gathering some resources and organizing them in a systematic way.

4. My fiance gave me permission.

5. It’s a great procrastination method.

And, finally:

6.  How many other Sikh-Punjabi-Filipino-Arabic-Canadian weddings are out there? Seriously, who wouldn’t want to read about  a kick-ass fusion wedding??

Looking forward to the journey.




2 thoughts on “Welcome to my littlebrownbride world!

  1. Interest concept for a blog! Your posts are hilarious 😛 Looking fwd to reading more and seeing what you come up with for your wedding! Good luck! 🙂

  2. This is such a great idea! and in response to your comment about Canadian sources for bridal information/blogs/etc!! sooo true!! especially for good information in the Quebec/Ontario (outside of toronto) regions! check out our website http://www.milni.net and please contact me, as I would love to get in contact with you regarding maybe posting something in our blog! 🙂

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